Zero Subscription FlexPricing. Start for Free and Pay Only as You Grow

Service In Sync proudly introduces our innovative Zero Subscription FlexPricing - a game-changer that prioritizes your business's success. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional monthly field service software subscriptions. With our FlexPricing model, you can seamlessly expand your operations, paying only as your business thrives, creating a seamless alignment between your goals and ours.

But that's not all. We're here to support your journey from day one and every month thereafter. Starting immediately, we cover the first $100 of your monthly bill. This means more than just a cost-effective solution; it provides you with the financial freedom to grow your business without concerns about additional expenses and fees. Our commitment to your success begins with Zero Subscription FlexPricing.

Predictable and Transparent

With our flat 6% invoice pricing, you'll know exactly how much you're paying, based on your revenue. There are no hidden fees or charges, which allows you to plan your budget accurately.


Our pricing strategy allows you to pay less during slower periods equally scaling with your business, ensuring you don't have to overpay when things are slower. This helps concentrate on your business and not worry about figuring out how to pay for expensive flat rate subscriptions plans.

Inspiring Growth

Our flat percentage pricing strategy allows growth for your business. The more revenue your business generates, the more you use (and pay for our services). This aligns our interests with yours, allowing us to improve our service to help your business as best we can as your success is our success.

Easy Scaling

As your business grows, our flat percent pricing allows you to scale up without having to worry about hidden charges or extra fees. This allows you to focus on growing your business without the worry of extra costs associated with increasing usage of our service or features.

Did you pay a startup fee for your current field service software? Let us know, and we will credit you what you paid if you switch to Service In Sync. (Up to $1200).

Features That Will Supercharge Your Business

Scheduling & Calendar
Reduce time re-organizing the schedule.
A powerful schedule calendar with drag and drop functionality, along with multi staff appointment assignments with quick change options for staff that are sick or take days off unexpectedly. Calendar is color coded by service area and can be day, week, or month view. The drag and drop feature makes it easy to re-arrange appointments between staff and teams.
Payroll Summaries
Organized in a powerful table.
Our payroll summary will automatically organize and display payroll data into a simple easy to use table. Whether your staff is paid on comission, hourly, salary or a combination of those, our system is ready to track payroll. Detailed information related to each employee's pay is available. Using export functions allows you to forward export the data to use for forwarding or importing for your accounting or tax preparation needs. Current users estimate the payroll function saves them 6-10 hours per month of repetitive data entry.
Automatic Appointment Reminders
Reduce lockouts, no shows and cancellations.
Sending appointment reminders can be a time consuming task, but is absolutely required to maintain an efficient operation. Reminders to customers for upcoming appointments can help allows customers to plan for your visit and eliminate no shows and cancellations before the day of service, allowing you to schedule alternate appointments in their place so that you can operate a maximum efficiency. Sending reminders at any or multiple time intervals such as 1 week, 3 days, 24 hours before, the scheduled appointment is easy to do with our platform.
Custom Forms & Validation
Create custom forms for appointments.
Custom forms allow you to go paperless, maintain important information about each appointment, get customer signatures, validate appointment data, and allow your staff to a quick and easy way to attach any number of forms without having to keep paper copies of each form type with them. With many validation options you can make sure that things like serial numbers for equipment are as expected and match, and if not a custom error message can be presented to staff, and more. All form submissions can be easily viewed and exported from tables for whatever data processing objectives you have.
Inventory Management
Keep track of who has what and how much.
Our inventory tracking system lets staff take inventory from the business and hold it, then use it when they are out in the field, inventory usage will be automatically added to invoices and appointments and you can keep track of where your inventory was moved to. Avoid lost inventory by keeping an easy to use yet powerful inventory management system.
Invocie & Payment Status
See what is unpaid in the transaction log.
A list of invoices by day that can be searched, sorted and filtered will show you paid status of each invoice. Within seconds get a list of unpaid invoices and re-process payment if necessary. Keep an eye on history to see who has outstanding balances and hasn’t paid in a timely manner. Using this feature can make sure you don’t “forget” or miss any outstanding balances by searching all unpaid invoices.
Custom Staff Permissions
Different permissions for different users.
We know that different staff can have different responsibilities so we’ve created fully customizable staff permissions and permission groups, this way you can make sure that each staff account has access only to what you need them to.
Expenses & Staff Reimbursements
Keep track of expenses and reimbursements.
Staff can add business expenses to the platform, a simple to use form with optional picture attachments means you and your staff can keep track of expenses and staff can submit reimbursement requests on the fly. Reimbursement requests can be processed by being approved or denied and if approved automatically added to the payroll of the current pay period.
Staff Turnover Decreasing Tools
Because keeping good staff is so important.
Our system is designed to make life easy for staff, and as a result decrease turnover for you. Reimbursement requests for expenses, automatic mileage reimbursements, time off requests, pay advances towards current earnings, seeing live customer reviews for their appointments, and so much more. These little things that staff can do on their own through the platform are a huge benefit not only to them but to you as well as it results in decreased busy work, and less hassle then doing it and keeping track of it manually.
AI Auto Quoter
Machine Learning & AI drive your quoting.
We know the quoting process can be a complex one with lots of variables that not only result in a specific price but also a specific appointment duration. The nice thing is we’ve got AI to help you with that. Add all your important variables, and teach your AI a few of the price points, and the AI will start auto quoting both price and time for you, letting customers book themselves even for complex appointments 24/7 and instantly. It’s that simple.
Lead Management
Our included website provides lead generation.
Whether someone got to the first part of the quote form in the integrated full website provided with our platform, or all the way to the end, they will appear in the lead section of the platform. You can see what data they entered and how far they got into the booking process. This will give you an opportunity to follow up with leads to see why they didn’t complete their booking, complete it for them and turn warm leads into a booked customer.
Smart Schedule Availability
Traffic, Drivetime, and Pooled staff availability.
Let's face it, drive time, traffic and staff availability are all constraints that can cause unnecessary scheduling conflicts. We calculate drive time, historical traffic data, and the pooled availability of teams and staff to make sure that you get efficient and accurate schedule availability for appointments. If for some reason a scheduling conflict occurs you will get a notification saying a potential conflict has been identified on which team and between which jobs so you can manually verify and if necessary make schedule adjustments.
On The Way SMS With Smart Routing
Includes estimated arrival time & staff photo(s).
Staff can send On The Way SMSs automatically when going to the next appointment. This SMS will include optional photos of all staff assigned to the appointment, an arrival estimate that is pre-calculated and filled in automatically, and if the customer responds to the SMS it will be intelligently routed to that staff's phone, so they can answer any responses received. This service is provided through Twilio and you would need to independently sign up with Twilio to use this feature. Their service has fees, but we do not charge anything for adding this to your account.
Smart Appointment Grouping
Make your routes more efficient.
Our appointment grouping tool lets you see upcoming appointments by distance from a proposed address to see when staff will be nearby in just seconds, this gives you the ability to quickly schedule new appointments and plan efficient routes to minimize route inefficiencies.
Advanced Address Validation
Make sure you get to the right place.
Since we all use GPS to route us to and from jobs it is actually very important to ensure that an address is entered correctly and that the address location will be valid with GPS prior to the day of service. Making sure staff are being routed to the correct location can save time, team frustration, negative customer interactions, and increases overall efficiency.
Online Review Booster
Generate online reviews faster.
Using our automated feedback request feature, you can let customers know you care, keep an eye on the quality of work being done, and automatically redirect customers who gave a high review internally to a write a public review on system like Google or wherever you choose to redirect them. This system ensures you get more reviews faster and the ones you do get will be high rated. An absolute must if you are not currently the highest and most reviewed service provider in your area.
Invoicing & E-Payments
Automatic Invoices & Credit Card Payments
Invoices will be automatically generated where optional tip, tax and discounts can be applied. These invoices can be processed off site with cash, check, or a payment terminal. Or you can add your payment gateway API to our system and process payments directly in the platform. Customers (if allowed to login) can access their invoices, pay, and update payment methods all by themselves through your branded customer portal within our platform.
Customer to Staff Call Connect
Staff call from your business number.
Staff can use their mobile phones to call customers through your business phone number through our call connect feature. Using this feature can prevent staff (depending on their permission) from knowing customer’s phone numbers, and customers only see your business phone number as the incoming call on their caller id. This service is provided through Twilio and you would need to independently sign up with Twilio to use this feature. Their service has fees, but we do not charge anything for adding this to your account.
Custom Service Areas
Color coded for strategic planning.
Service areas can be color coded by area on the calendar. This can help with planning routes and having a better understanding of where appointments are throughout the schedule. Service areas can be in the form of radius from address, zip codes, polygon and shapes on the map, and geographical regions. Service areas can also be used to automatically tell potential customers if they are out of the service area without wasting office man hours and can also be used against external leads to process and auto respond to with specific out of area or in area responses.
Branded Mobile App
Your own app through our platform.
Get your own branded app that you, staff and customers can use alike, it is powered through our system making sure that staff have quick and easy access to all the features they staff need in the field and on their mobile devices. Customers can also use the app to access their accounts if they have been granted login permission.
Before & After Photos
A great way to see the quality of work.
Staff can upload before and after photos when they are out in the field, making life easier for everyone by providing a visual image to the quality of the work completed. You can see the work that was performed and reference it in the future if there were any questions. It also gives you a great way to audit the performance of all your staff directly in the platform.
Automatic mileage reimbursement
Free up hours by automating this process.
When staff check into appointments they can specify if they drove, and if so, the mileage will be automatically calculated (from the previous location) and if you have mileage reimbursement setup will be automatically reimbursed towards their payroll. A great and powerful feature that not only will save a ton of time, but keep consistent data for staff to see themselves whenever they want through the platform themselves.
Holidays & Closures
Making the logistics of holidays easier.
Not something that happens everyday but something that can definitely cause the occasional headache. What to do with recurring appointments that fall on a holiday or closure? With our holiday and closure tool the holiday will go onto the visible drag and drop calendar where appointments scheduled during the closure will be visible. Because appointments are color coded by service area you can easily drag them into openings for nearby appointments before of after the closure to make dealing with holidays logistically easy.
Staff Pay Bonsues & Deductions
Goes directly into payroll quick and easy.
Keeping track of staff bonuses and deductions no longer has to be a nightmare. Enter them directly into the platform and not only will they be directly calculated and entered into payroll but staff will be able to see and review them as well whenever they want.
Commission, Hourly or Salary Payroll
Flexible customizable pay structures for staff.
Track Commission, Hourly, and/or Salary pay automatically for staff. Each staff will have a payroll summary where they can review pay, and you can see detailed reports of the earnings for the current pay period to make sure everything is correct or if any adjustments need to be made.
Alternating Package/Service Rotation
Customizable alternating recurring service plans.
Our system has a built in recurring package alternator, allowing you to make sequences of packages that rotate in the order you specify. This is great for businesses that do recurring services but do not always do the exact same type of service every occurance. Our customizable rotating list lets you make a completely custom package sequence for recurring appointments.
Map View of Schedule
See team grouping and placement.
Having a visual representation of the schedule will help with added efficiency when organizing your teams and routes.
Staff Time off Management
Automatic time off requests.
Keep track of time off automatically in our platform. Staff can request time off through the platform, and with your chosen max simultaneous time off threshold you can be sure that you won't be understaffed by too many simultaneous time off requests being approved. Time off is shown on the schedule so you can visibly see within the calendar who has time off and when. Each request in the system can be approved or denied and you can keep track of each individual staff’s time off history.
At A Glance Statistics
Keep an eye on important business metrics.
Our at a glance business statistics show up under the main schedule page and allow you to see current business performance compared to recent previous time periods, so you can keep an eye on average customer review scores, revenue, new appointment counts, cancellation counts, and more. This lets you keep an eye on business performance and identify any potential issues as early as possible.
Online Bookings
Let customers sign up for service.
An optional feature that will allow customers to instantly get quotes and sign up for service and automatically be placed on the schedule. Availability will be calculated based on a pooling of all teams and staff’s availability, the drive time (with historical traffic calculations) between existing appointments and the duration of the appointment vs how many hours left during business hours (with an offset if you choose to set one). Using this feature can free office staff from answering the phone to book, and gives you the flexibility to have customers schedule themselves 24/7 instead of only during business hours.
Staff & Schedule Map View
See a map view of the schedule and staff.
Keep track of where staff will be or where they are by utilizing the schedule map view or the map of staff feature. The schedule map view will show you the calendar you have loaded but on the map to see where appointments will be, it is color coded by team and you can hide or unhide as many teams as you wish to have a better understanding of who will be where. The map of staff feature will show you where your on duty staff are at any given time on the map. You can use this to know who is where in case a new appointment needs to be scheduled the same day.
Client Database (CRM)
Keep track of your clients.
Our integrated customer database lets you quick and searchable access to all your customers. Add custom notes to each customer that staff will see when going out to the appointment. Route sheets will automatically contain comments for the address, the user, and the appointment so you can be sure that no information will be “forgotten” about when staff are on site.
Full Multi Page Website
State of the art website included.
Included is a website you can use for your business. This website has the latest technology and is responsive across all devices. Customers can get quotes and schedule service, read about your team, apply for jobs, contact you, and more. You can add as many pages as you like and adjust their content. Can be hosted through your own domain or at your Service In Sync subdomain.
Appointment, Address & User notes
All the important details right there.
Sometimes a simple comments field isn’t enough, there could be specific user comments, specific address comments, and specific appointment comments that all serve their own purpose. We get that, and that’s why we are one of the only platforms that utilizes all three in order to streamline efficiency and maximize use of data. All three comments will appear for the staff on site so you can be sure they don’t miss a thing.
Quick integration
Integrate our platform with your website.
If you want to link our platform to your website or just use our free included full website as your website you can with ease. Our easy to integrate scripts and direct links make integration simple and quick. Start converting leads to booked customers right away with our instant booking and scheduling platform.
Custom Recurring Appointments
Custom timeframes and recurrances.
Not all schedules are created equal, some people might want bi-weekly recurring, while others may want on the 1st and 15th, some on the last Friday of each month, and so forth. Customers can be picky and our system is setup to accommodate even the most complex recurring schedules. So rest assured the scheduling flexibility with our platform will be more than adequate for almost any scenario.
Appointment Transfer Tool
Transfer appointments between staff.
A tool that lets you transfer all upcoming appointments from one team to another will same you a lot of time and reduce workload where you would normally manually need to move each appointment. This can be used when staff take a leave of absence, or no longer work at your company, or change positions where their responsibilities change. Either way, this tool can be a real time saver if or when it is needed.
Mileage or Per Trip Reimbursement
Flexible driving reimbursement optiosn
We know staff driving and reimbursements can be a bit of a headache to calculate, so we do it for you, anything from per mile reimbursements to per stop/appointment reimbursements can be automatically calculated for you and put on the payroll. Staff can see it on there, you can see it on there, and everyone is on the same page when it comes to payroll and reimbursements.
SMS And/Or Email Messaging Jobs
User preferences for SMS or Email messages.
Some users might want appointment reminders and feedback requests through SMS while others through Email. Our software lets you specify Only email, Only SMS, Email or SMS (Depending on individual user preference) or Email AND sms for all messaging jobs including Appointment reminders, review requests, and any custom messaging jobs you create.

Frequently Asked Questions

So how much do I actually pay?

If you invoice a customer for a $100 job, you would pay a flat 6% of that ($6) for our service, nothing more. It's that simple and easy.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Since our system is paid by invoice, you're free to use it as much as you want or as little as you want, there is no ongoing fees or subscriptions, so nothing to cancel.

Do I get a website?

You can utilize our fully functional website and customer portal for your business included with the service. As long as you invoice your customers with our system everything is included.

Is there a setup fee?

Unlike many of our competitors who charge a hefty setup fees and subscription fees, there is no setup fee or subscription fee with Service In Sync so you can rest assured that you can truly try us out without any contract or subscription commitments.

Unsure if Service In Sync is right for you? You can contact us to talk with a specialist