Just some of the Service In Sync features

There are so many features in Service In Sync that a single webpage won't be big enough to list them all.

But we will do our best to list some of the core features that make Service In Sync an invaluable platform for you.


Scheduling that has your business in mind, address matchmaking which lets you see list active appointments by distance to a specified address, block outs based on drive time with traffic calculations, multi team job assignments for quick staff change in and out, route optimization, color coding based on service location, conflict notifications and maximized availability with merged and pooled each team's availability.

When customers schedule their own appointments you can be sure that their appointment will fit into the schedule. The time of day and traffic data between the previous and next job is automatically calculated to provide them flexible yet functional availability.

Web Portal & App

Each member of your business has a specific use for the Service In Sync web portal. Customers can manage their appointments, invoices and leave feedback on completed appointments. Staff can see their schedule, changes to jobs, request pay advances and time off, see their earnings with breakdowns and more depending on permissions you set for individual staff.

The front end of the web portal can replace your whole web site if you choose to, the web portal front end is designed to work by giving customers quotes, scheduling, lead generation, advertising career opportunities and more. Included with all plans is this state of the art web site with all the latest bells and whistles with little to no management from you.

Email Jobs and Automation

Tedious tasks like appointment reminders or feedback follow ups take a lot of time and may require you to allocate extra resources depending on the size of your business. Your system should be doing these things for you while you spend your valuable time running your business.

Setup custom email jobs inbound and outbound to handle things like auto responding to external lead emails, sending appointment reminders and feedback follow ups, and whatever else you may need. Custom rules can be setup depending on your needs.

Customer Self Booking Management

Customers need to be able to book through their mobile devices, computers and outside your business hours, with Service In Sync all of that is made easy. Managing existing appointments, payments and leaving feedback for completed appointments is all standard with our service business software.

With customer self management through the web portal in conjunction with our quoting AI you can rest assured that last minute changes will be more accurate and delivered to you even if they are made outside of business hours. Relying on only communicating with your customers during business hours to manage changes is not realistic in today's tech heavy world.

Payroll Summaries

Calculating staff pay for payroll is quick and easy with Service In Sync. See who got how much commission or hourly pay on the fly. Summaries show all your staff for each payroll period and details breakdowns of the current pay period. This makes things like staff monitoring their own pay and breakdowns a simple and easy task.

Staff can access their own pay period data to see how much their current earnings are during the pay period and that ties in directly to pay advance requests (if they have permission to do so). Happy staff means less turn over and staff having instant access to their data along with advance requests can decrease turnover greatly.

Customer Feedback & Web Rating Booster

Asking customers to leave feedback after completed appointments can give you a better understanding of how your staff is performing and what customers think of your business. This helps you maintain the best level of service you can.

A web rating booster will direct customers who leave high rankings to share their rank with the world through the rating system of your choice, such as Yelp, Google, Facebook. This will naturally but quickly increase your business reviews and ratings online to help with business reputation and lead generation.

Save time & money by automating and organizing.

Service In Sync is designed to make your service business run more efficiently.

Payroll Reports

See reports for staff earnings for each pay period. Do payroll quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Address Matching & Map View

Used to see where appointments are or will be to better place new upcoming appointments.

Automatic Emails

Service In Sync can automatically send appointment reminders and follow up post appointment emails.

Flexibility Built In

Increased compatibility with your business model through a wide range of options and customizations.

Statistical Analysis & Metrics

Keep an eye on how things are going compared to previous time periods with business metrics (e.x. reviews scores, cancellations, new appointments).

Transaction History With Invoice Status

Keep track in an organized sortable table invoices and the payment status to quickly see customers who haven't paid yet and quickly find invoices.

Multi Team Appointment Assignments

Great if you have staff/teams shuffling in and out of availability, a quick and easy way to re-assign staff/teams to different appointments on the fly.

Staff Time Off & Pay Advance requests

An optional feature that allows an easy way to manage time off requests with auto deny based on other staff availability thresholds and pay advanced based on current earnings.

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Staff can view their own payroll

Staff can look up their own earnings with a detailed breakdown of their pay. Saving you time compiling it for them.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly views

View the schedule in a daily, weekly, or monthly view with color coordinated appointments based on location for easy grouping.

Address validation

Addresses added go through validation where if there is a mismatch a suggestion or a map marker location can be used to confirm it.

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